Name: Anthony Calabretta (Bishop Ferdinand)
Alter Ego: Afrat Suhtek
Motivation: Responsibility of Power/Power Lust
Wealth: 15(benchmark of easily attainable liquid asset)
Cash on Hand: 100k easily
Savings: Ridiculous number
Character Type: Vampire Lord
Race: Egyptian
Blood type: Addictive
Height: 6 ft (varies)
Weight: 180 lbs (Varies)
Hair: Black/Red (varies)
Eyes: Brown/Gold (Varies)
Disposition: Compassionate/Endearing
Date of Birth: Over 1500 years ago
Marital Status: Many wives over a long time
Romantic Interest: Who now? How many?
Handedness: Right
Sexual Orientation: Did I mention Harems?
Quote: "Have you ever stopped to consider the word Evil is the world Live backwards? Some people simply need to turn their perceptions around to realize they are doing it right."

Dex: 13
Str: 15
Body: 10
Int: 11
Will: 16
Mind: 11
Inf: 13
Aura: 13
Spirit: 13
Initiative: 52
Wealth: 15


Shapechange: 16* (Serpent forms/Hybrid only)
Chameleon: 13*
Invisibility:13* (usable on others)
Blending: 13*
Mystic Freeze: 13*
Attraction/Repulsion: 16*
Vampirism: 10*
Hypersensative Touch: 11*
Poison Touch: 15*
AS/TS: 11*
Anatomical Separation: 13* (Usable on others)
Superspeed: 13*
Invulnerability: 10*
Detect-Desires, Sin: 11*


Charisma: 13*
Artist: (Actor, Painter) 13*
Acrobatics: 13* (No Diving)
Detective: 11*
Medicine: 11*
Military Science: 11*
Occultist: 9
Thief: 13* (Escape Artist, Stealth, Lock Picking, Sleight of Hand)
Weaponry:13* (All but Heavy Weapons)


Attractive, Gift of Gab, Connoisseur Lightning Reflexes, Longevity, Iron Nerves, Sharp Eye Scholar: Kopesh/Scimitar/Falchion/Kukri Scholar: Narcotic construction, Scholar: Subterfuge High Connection:(Asian Syndicates or Vatican City depending on Campaign) Expansive Headquarters, Leadership


Arch Enemy X4, Mistrust, Forced Exile: Home Territory Catastrophic Hatred: House Tepis, Serious Attraction: Scheming to recover lost Title Serious Attraction: Airbrushing/Being surrounded by Beautiful Women Minor Sexual Attraction: Compulsively Sinful Women Catastropic Attraction: Corrupting the Wholesome Authority Figure, Dark Secret: True nature/Past Traumatic Flashbacks, Guilt