Name: Hellstone

Dex: 10            Str: 18            Body: 18

Int: 5            Will:7            Mind: 5

Inf: 9            Aura: 11        Spirit: 9

Initiative: 30 (45 in flight)


Energy Absorb(Magic)18*,   Density Increase: 11*(no dex reduc),  Flame Project: 18*,    Extra Limb x3: 18*(wings/tail),    Claws: 18, Regeneration:(Fueled by EA)11*   , Magic Sense: 9*,  Magic Drain: 11*, Ultra Vision: 10**, Mind Blank: 10**


Weaponry: 10*  Acrobatics: 10*    Martial Artist: 10*  Charisma: 9*   Military Science:(DR, Track, Cart)5*        Gadgetry 5*


Ambidexterity, Immune to Darkstone, Lightning Reflexes, Iron Nerves Reflex Reaction: Drawn Magic on most prominent source found. Altered Anatomy, Misc: Phys attributes and powers purchased as Artifact. Misc: Technomagically created machine with a soul. Misc: While Airborne, Flight is added to initative.


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Serious Hatred: Diablians, Minor Fear: Diablians Fatal Vulnerability: Having Spine Removed (Powering Artifact) Serious Mannerism:Following Orders from Creators. Minor Attraction: Freeing Self from B'lial. Serious Berserk Rage. Catastrophic rage:(In presence of Diablian or Atlantean Noble) Traumatic Flashbacks, Guilt, Serious Attraction: Completing Latter's Rosary and gaining full power.

Motivation: Psychopath

Gender: Male Height: 7'4"

Weight: 450lbs (10 tons)

Hair: Silver w/black streaks      

Eyes: Glowing blue

Build: Sleek and muscular      

Disposition: Curious and Dangerous

Race: Technomagical Golem