Name:  Innovation

Alter Ego: Abigail Anderson

Occupation: Business Industrialist

Wealth: 21

Height: 5'7" (5'10" heels)

Weight: 134lbs

Hair: Long Black

Eyes: Light Green

Build: Slender

Personality: Eccentric

Race: Augmented Human

Gender: Female (Currently)

Bloodtype: Confidential

Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Handedness: Right

Apparent Age: 27 years

Date of Birth: June 12th 1947

Place of Origin: New Mexico

Group Affiliation: Left Turn Directions (Multiple other operations)

Base of Operations: Albuquerque, NM

Legal Status: US Citizen (No Record)

Marital Status: Single (Had that poor decision Annulled)

Romantic Interest: 

Marriage Date:  See Above

Known Relatives: 

Savings: Billions

Cash on Hand: Who carries cash anymore??


Abigail is one of the brightest minds of the last century, though many wouldn't know it.  She has had a few identities in her lifetime to hide the fact she's functionally immortal.  The technologies she has developed have been used in everything from perfecting cable television, to space exploration.  Her current pet project is Left Turn Directions, a punny take on cutting edge technologies based out of Albuquerque New Mexico.

She is more then a bit eccentric, but relatively approachable and even talkative.  Low threshold for boredom though and will tend to tinker with whatever is at hand while conversing even in big business meetings.  She tends to wear fashionable glasses to insure she's taken seriously when she "talks smart".  Hoping they distract people from her appearance and youth.

Known Abilities:

Abigail is a linguist, unknown precisely how many she speaks and/or understands.  Often considered one of the smartest people on the planet.  Which she's quick to down play.

Never without some cutting edge piece of technology on her person.  At one point someone attempted to kidnap her from a business convention and she manifested a personal protection field that was sufficient to shield her from a vehicle that exploded when a local superteam stepped in to intervene.  (The civil case regarding that is still in the system, she looks to collect a healthy sum from the damages wrought to her properties, the group has henceforth disbanded)

Inside sources say that so advanced is her method of thinking that once she finds a formula or pattern to behaviors that she nears a sense of premonition regarding future activities.  This could simply be hyperbole based around the science community fanbase, but attempts to reconnect with the former intern who made the statement have proven impossible due to an imposed NDA regarding their previous employment.