Name: Jackyl

Alter: Graydon Creed

Player: DJ

Created: '94

Motivation: Responsibility of Power

Occupation: Between Jobs

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 260lbs

Hair: Dusky Blond

Eyes: Blue

Build: Powerful

Personality: Compassionate/Snarky

Race: Eternal (Germanic)

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: Very Red

Orientation: Hetero

Handedness: Both

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Date of Birth: 3/17/don't ask

Place of Birth: Black Forest

Group Affiliation: Varies

Base of Operations: Currently Ireland

Legal Status: Very Complicated

Marital Status: Just as Complicated

Romantic Interest: Oh So Complicated

Marriage Date: N/A

Known Relatives: Cabbot Creed(Progenitor), Rabid (Cousin,Brother something complicated), Numerous children. Brandon and Christian, twin sons. A daughter, probably a few more.

Cash on Hand: $10k

Savings: Millions

Dex: 13

Str: 11

Body: 19

Int: 9

Will: 13

Mind: 9

Inf: 7

Aura: 9

Spirit: 7

Initiative: 47

Wealth: 14


Skin Armor: 19* (Always on, works against all defense types), Superspeed: 13*, AS/TS: 9*, Claws: 13, Systematic Antidote: 9HL, Sealed Systems: 19*, Invulnerability: 19* (All three, up to Positive)


Acrobatics: 13*, Artist: 7* (Actor, Dancer, Writer), Charisma: 9, Martial Artist: 13*, Military Science: 9*, Detective: 9*, Thief: 13*, Weaponry: 13*, Survival: 9*


Attractive, Ambidexterity, Lightning Reflexes, Sharp Eye, Iron Nerves, Longevity, Scholar: Eastern Block languages, Aramaic, ASL, Greek, Scholar: Ninjitsu, Shadowing Technique, High Connections: Lucien, Newstead, Recluse, Slash, Jill and Terrence, Zap.


Arch Enemy x4, Mistrust, Public ID, Guilt, Traumatic Flashbacks, Misc: All physical damage that he suffers is considered lethal (Hemophiliac), Serious Attraction: Training Kids to use their powers, Serious Psychological Limitation: Depression, Misc: Claws are Artificial, can be broken. Misc: Skin Armor makes Medical Treatment almost impossible.