Name: Kevin Christopherson
Alters: Recluse


Character Type: Scientifically Altered
Motivation: Unwanted Power
Occupation: Toxicologist/Assassin
Legal Status: US Citizen with Closed file
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 270lbs
Hair: Black w/brown streaks
Eyes: Red
Build: difficult to explain
Disposition: Cold and emotionless
Bloodtype: spiderly
Place of Birth: Confidencial
Date of Birth: same
Group Affiliation: Assassin's Guild, US Government, Christian's School
Base of Operations: Currently Christian's Prep School
Race: Hard to explain
Marital Status: Single terminally
Marriage Date:
Known Relatives:
Romantic Interest: I'm a big freakin spider.. Right!
Sexual Orientation: Hetero, not like it matters
Handedness: Multi
Date Created: ages ago

Attributes: Edit

Dextarity: 13
Strength: 15
Body: 13
Intelegence: 9
Will: 9
Mind: 5
Influence: 5
Aura: 5
Spirit: 5

Inititive: 44 Edit

Powers: Edit

Claws: 16
Cling: 15
Danger Sense: 9
Darkness: 15
Extra Limb x4: 15
Full Vision: 9
Glue: 15
Hypersensitive Touch: 7
Jumping: 15
Poison Touch: 15 (Lethal)
Skin Armor: 5 (Always On)
Snare: 15 (Lethal)
Stability: 13
Superspeed: 13 (Inititive and Reflexes Only)
Ultra Vision: 9
running: 6

Skills: Edit

Acrobatics: (climbing/Dodging only): 13
Detective: (Clue Analysis/counterfeit only): 9
Gadgetry: 9
Martial Artist: 13
Medicine: 9
Military Scienc (No Demolition or field command): 9
Scientist: 9
Survival (all but ocean): 5
Thief (Escape Artist and stealth only); 13
Weapondry(Firearms/heavy/missile only): 5

Advantages: Edit

Iron Nerves
Lightning Reflexes
Scholar: Toxicology
Scholar: Natural Weapon combat
Security Clearance: Medium
Sharp Eye

Disadvantage: Edit

Arch Enemy x4
Serious Irrational Attraction (Laying out traps for enemies)
Minor Irrational Attraction (studying various spiders)
Serious Irrational Attraction (Gothic Style attractive ladies)
Serious Irrational Fear (Scorpions)
Cat Irrational Hatred (Scorpions)
Serious Irrational Hatred ("Pretty Boys")
Serious Psychological Instability: Emotionally Detatched
Cat Rage (when webhome is threatened)
Serious Rage (when appearance is mocked)
Strange Appearance
Traumatic Flashbacks
Serious Irrational Attraction (Hunting Prey)
Serious Irrational Attraction (to feel accepted