Name: Terri Tre`yon
Character Type: Mutated Human
Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Occupation: Unemployed Musician
Legal Status: UC Citizen
Wealth: 0
Savings: 0
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Lavander
Skin: Dark Purple
Build: Athletic
Disposition: Outgoing
Bloodtype: weird
Place of Birth: San Francisco, CA
Date of Birth:
Group Affiliation: Xerox's DC
Base of Operations: Washington DC
Race: formerly white
Marital Status: Single
Marriage Date: N/A
Known Relatives: None
Romantic Interest: Tenderizer
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Handedness: Both
Date Created: 2001

Known Powers:
Terri absourbs sound and turns it into a short range vibration.

Known Advantages:
She very attractive for being purple. QUick to notice things and knows alot about skateboarding.

Known Disadvantages:
Terri loves the limelight and will do what ever she can to be the focus of attention. She wants the love and admiration of others, mostly for her skills as a Musician but she'll take it for her skating tricks if needed. She literaly sees the world through purple tinted glasses. She has a VERY low tolerance for boredom.

Terri was just anouther wanna be working the club scene hopeing for the big break that would land her band in the bigtimes. PLP unfortunatly was like most, big on dreams and only a dusting of talent. Terri would help make ends by entering Skateboarding competitions and more often than not winning. Then one night as the band was heading home after a gig the world went to hell. Terri Doesn't know what happened to the rest of the band, whether they got picked up too or if they managed to get away. All she knows is she woke up in cell in time for the door to open as the place she was being held got attacked. She escaped with those attacking and discovered it had been several years since she had been kidnapped. So she hung out in London England, which is where she found herself, until the Proffessor attacked and she wound up in his clutches again.